Radial Twin-Iso 2-Channel Line Level Isolator

Radial Twin-Iso 2-Channel Line Level Isolator
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Radial
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Exceptional signal integrity with complete isolation. Meet the Radial Twin-Iso 2-Channel Line Level Isolator. This device is capable of withstanding up to +21dB without distortion whilst boasting an incredibly linear frequency response.The Radial Twin-Iso is suitable for use with both balanced and unbalanced signals and features high-quality XLR inputs and outputs with the AES Standard configuration. Sharing Radials phenomenal build-quality the Twin-Isos 14-gauge steel I-beam chassis and outer shell ensure excellent protection for the internal components whilst the unique book-end design provides a protective zone for the Twin-Isos sockets and switches. This road-ready line-level isolator is perfectly suited to a wide variety of applications.