Radial Key-Largo Keyboard Mixer and Performance Pedal

Radial Key-Largo Keyboard Mixer and Performance Pedal
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Radial
522 GBP
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Sleek stylish and versatile. The Radial Key-Largo is a high-performance Keyboard Mixer and Performance Pedal. Equipped with three analog stereo inputs for keyboards a digital USB connection for controlling a soft-synth and on-board sustain and effects loop footswitches the Key-Largo can be configured for effective live performances as well as for use as a recording interface. This compact yet immensely powerful pedal features a versatile effects loop with effects-level controls as well as a wealth of connectivity for intuitive interfacing. Sharing Radials phenomenal build-quality the Key-Largos 14-gauge steel I-beam chassis and outer shell ensure excellent protection for the internal components. Perfect for combining analog and digital gear on stage integrating soft-synths into your performance or simply for hassle-free management of a multi-keyboard setup the Key-largo is the perfect addition to any keyboard-players arsenal.