Premier PowerPlay Digital Drum Kit Pack

Premier PowerPlay Digital Drum Kit Pack
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Premier
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The Premier PowerPlay Digital Drum Kit is the perfect blend of power and practicality. It merges the authentic sound and feel of an acoustic drum kit with the flexibility and power of a digital. The inclusion of 25 preset kits means youll be able to achieve great sounds in an instant. However if you wish to delve deeper and sculpt your own drum tone then 423 samples 25 user-defined kits and a broad range of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) effects are to hand. The number of user-defined kits can easily be expanded by connecting a USB stick (not supplied) to the module to import and export as you see fit. Consisting of 10" kick snare and toms as well as 12" crash and ride cymbals the mesh pads offer maximum realism allowing you to perform with the same level of expression as you would on an acoustic drum kit. The tension of each pad can easily be adjusted via the unique tensioning system to your preference. Apart from the kick all pads include dual zone technology so you can include additional sounds such as side-stick hits tambourines and cowbells. Their velocity sensitive nature ensures that every last nuance of your performance will be relayed. From silent headphone practice to MIDI programming in the DAW the broad range of connectivity means the PowerPlay is well suited to a variety of tasks. On-board practice allows you to hone your skills with the inclusion of two modes and 25 pre-loaded songs whilst the record function lets you capture and export MIDI files. This bundle includes a pair of stereo headphones and drum throne.