Philips Picopix Max Projector Black

Philips Picopix Max Projector Black
Categories: Speakers, Soundbar
Brand: Philips
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Pico size. Mobile experience. The smart and fully wireless native Full HD projector with ultra-vivid picture made for use anywhere. Built-in battery, Android OS, invisible top touchpad, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB-C connectivity to play, work and mirror all your apps. Features: Bespoke imagesAuto focus, digital zoom and auto keystone correction to keep the best image wherever you place it! The PicoPix Max automatically straightens for a clear, perfectly angled projection no matter the surface it is on Built-in Media Player for unlimited binge watchingPop your essentials in your hand with the integrated Media Player: Browse, watch all of your videos, listen to your music or share your latest holiday pictures Fully Connected (HDMI, Micro SD, USB, USB Type-C)Play all your videos, pictures and audio files from the HDMI, USB or micro SD. There are also two USB type-C ports for quick connection, display and charging Smart Android OS for apps and more!Take full advantage of endless entertainment with Android OS. All your favourite apps are pre-installed out of the box. Enjoy Youtube, Netflix and more! Wi-Fi screen mirroring for smart sharingConnect your mobile devices such as a tablets, smartphones or even computers wirelessly to mirror and share all your contents. Videos on your phones? No worries, just cast it through Wi-Fi! (iOS, Android, Mac and PC) Built-in 3 hour battery for cable-free projectionGet entertainment on the go with the built-in battery providing up to 3 hours of projection Built-in touchpadEasily navigate into the user interface, browse the Internet or play games with the discreet built-in navigation top touchpad Connects to external Bluetooth speakersConnect your projector wirelessly to external boomboxes or soundbars to bring life to your movies and gaming sessions Specifications: Dimensions: H:4.8 x W:13.4 x D:13.6 cm Colour: Black Guarantee:2 Years Batteries Required: Yes Material: Metal/Plastic Model Number: 75257