MXR M305 Tremolo

MXR M305 Tremolo
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: MXR
179 GBP
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Historic tremolo effects. Designed for the modern player. This MXR M305 Tremolo packs a whole host of must-have features and tonal variety into one robust pedal board-friendly unit. And its perfect for any player looking for versatility in their tremolo effect. Explore six different tremolo modes by tapping the gain dial giving you a range of classic and legendary effects thatll ignite creativity from the first strum. You also have speed depth and gain dials to really refine your tone to perfection. And ensure your individuality always shines through. Plus if you hold down the gain dial for three seconds youll hear incredible envelope effect. So expect delicious dynamics and one truly expressive performance - with all eyes locked on you.