Moog Matriarch Dark Series with Case

Moog Matriarch Dark Series with Case
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Moog
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The Moog Matriarch Paraphonic Analog Synth is the culmination of decades of research development and manufacturing. Hand-built in the depths of North Carolina the Moog Matriarch is loaded with treats and tricks - destined to take you across the cusp of space into new frontiers. Both parts are vibrant and bright yet delightfully warm. This synthesizer is simple to use and features nothing that will stand in the way of your exploratory sound design. A paraphonic synth the Matriarch is patchable via 90 points with a built-in Sequencer Arpeggiator stereo Ladder Filters and stereo Analog Delay. The Moog Matriarch is abundant with soaring leads deep textures and rumbling bass sounds. This bundle couples the Moog Matriarch with the official dedicated SR Series case featuring a plush-lined interior that provides a snug fit for your synth. The case helps to keep your synthesizer protected whilst on the move or in storage. The SR Series case also features backpack-style straps so you can transport your synth with ease.