Mi-Mic Karaoke Wireless Microphone & Bluetooth Speaker - Gold

Mi-Mic Karaoke Wireless Microphone & Bluetooth Speaker - Gold
Categories: Bluetooth, Speaker
Brand: Mi-Mic
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The lounge, the garden, your bedroom mirror - turn anywhere into your stage with the Mi-Mic Gold! Letting you sing along to any song direct from your device, the Mi-Mic Bluetooth karaoke speaker can be enjoyed by the whole family. Featuring 48 ultra-vibrant multi-coloured LED lights, you can put on a light show to match your vocal performance. Including ‘always on’, flashing and pulsing in time with the beat of the music, it’s down to you how you choose to light up your performance. Not only does the Mi-Mic Gold let you amplify your voice, its echo function and voice changing effects let you totally transform how you sound. Neatly positioned on the mic you will also find the buttons which let you skip, pause, and play as well as make the track as loud or quiet as you want. So whether you want to turn up the volume to use as a conventional Bluetooth speaker or lower the volume to let your best Adele impression take centre stage, the Mi-Mic Gold gives you total control. Features and Benefits Bluetooth connectivity - Wirelessly sing along to your favourite tunes from almost any Bluetooth enabled device. Rechargeable - Take this mic with you thanks to the built in high capacity Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. 5 hours run time - Up to 5 hours play time with the built in Echo and Voice changing function. Specifications 48 multi-coloured coloured LEDs 3 different light modes Compatible with Bluetooth devices & micro SD cards Echo function and voice changing effects Approx. Dimensions (mm) H 265 W 80