Mackie SRT215 15" Active PA Speaker

Mackie SRT215 15" Active PA Speaker
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Mackie
719 GBP
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Advanced tech immaculate audio. The Mackie SRT215 15" Active PA Speaker utilises cutting edge technological design features to deliver flawless sound quality and unmatched performance. Youll never find yourself short of volume with 1600W of power on tap but being loud is never at the expense of clarity or overall sound quality. The custom-designed horn optimises the efficiency of the compression driver so you can crank the speakers without worry. This is complemented by the protection feature that instead of auto-ducking the volume multi-band compression is specifically applied to problematic frequencies so your clarity and articulation is retained at all times. For a truly intelligent and powerful speaker its impossible to go wrong with the SRT215.