Mackie MC-450 Open-Back Headphones

Mackie MC-450 Open-Back Headphones
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Mackie
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Built on a legacy. But designed from the ground up. The Mackie MC-450 Open-Back Headphones take your critical listening to the next level revealing every detail of your sound with astounding clarity and accuracy. Precision-crafted open-back ear cups maximise the soundstage of your music resulting in exceptional stereo width with an organic sound signature. Combined with high-headroom 42mm transducers that reproduce your sound with zero distortion every nuance of your sound is translated with absolute precision. These reference-grade headphones have been built with comfort in mind too. A premium genuine-leather headband and memory foam ear pads envelope you with a sense of luxury whilst still providing the perfect seal for a maximised low-end response. So you can listen for longer without fatigue or pain.