Mackie CR StealthBar

Mackie CR StealthBar
Categories: Speakers, Stereo, Soundbar
Brand: Mackie
115 GBP
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The Mackie CR StealthBar is a desktop soundbar built to plug into your PC and bring everything you play to life. Whether its games streams movies or your favourite artists live sets the StealthBar will give it tight punchy bass clear midrange and lively high-end with minimal cabling. Simply plug the StealthBar into your computer and fill your room with the powerful Mackie sound immediately. With a space underneath the StealthBar and the bottom of your desk vibrations are reduced for clearer sound plus you have space to run the wires from your keyboard mouse and microphones underneath it. De-cluttering your PC setup while still providing rich sound the Mackie CR StealthBar really does it all. The StealthBar provides plenty of customisation options too so no matter how sprawling or minimal your PC rig might be it can fit right in. You can connect the bar via USB for easy and quick use with your computer wireless Bluetooth to stream music from your phone computer or tablet or connect to the headphone output of any device. Three tone presets allow you to dial in perfect custom sound for whatever youre listening to at the press of a button with settings for music voice and games the StealthBar can adapt to whatever youre listening to. A volume control on the front panel ensures you can dial in the perfect levels as well as dynamic fading should you need it and a convenient mute button allows you to silence the StealthBar whenever you might need to. For a simple audio setup that still provides full rich sound and can adapt to your favourite games movies podcasts music and act as a monitor for content creation you couldnt find a more well-suited device than the Mackie CR StealthBar.