M-Audio AIR 192 Vocal Studio Bundle

M-Audio AIR 192 Vocal Studio Bundle
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: M-Audio
245 GBP
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Everything you need for studio-grade recordings. The M-Audio AIR 192 Vocal Studio Bundle is comprised of the M-Audio AIR 192 Vocal Studio pack a microphone stand a small microphone reflection filter and a vocal pop shield. The M-Audio AIR 192 4 Vocal Studio Pack is a portable and powerful audio interface that allows you to connect a microphone or line instrument to your computer. Just plug the unit into your USB-C or USB port and experience clean clear and transparent sound. Included with this kit is a fantastic Nova Black large-diaphragm condenser microphone which is amazing for recording podcasts vocals guitar cabs. It also comes with incredible HDH40 headphones that combine comfort and amazing sound to help you get the most from your mixing or listening sessions. The accompanying accessories further improve the sound and performance of the included microphone. The small microphone reflection filter helps to isolate the sound when performing eliminating unwanted reflections from the room. The vocal pop shield helps to eliminate sibilance and plosives for a more concise sound.