M-Audio AIR 192 4 Audio Interface

M-Audio AIR 192 4 Audio Interface
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: M-Audio
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The M-Audio AIR 192 4 Audio Interface is a compact 2-in/2-out audio interface that boasts M-Audios transparent Crystal preamps for optimised sonic performance. The M-Audio AIR 192 4 will become the centrepiece of your home studio allowing you to connect either a microphone or line instrument directly to your computer. Just plug the unit into your USB-C or USB port and experience clean clear and transparent sound. It doesnt matter if youre recording parts of a rock track or mixing a beat for a client - the AIR 192 4 makes recording into your DAW incredibly simple. You can either record them with a microphone or send a line instrument straight in - it couldnt be easier. With a range of software to get you started and enough controls to satisfy even the most demanding task you wont be disappointed with what the AIR 192 4 offers.