Laney A-Duo Acoustic Amp

Laney A-Duo Acoustic Amp
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Laney
313 GBP
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The Laney A-Duo Acoustic Guitar Amp is a versatile and portable combo with plenty of power and headroom for large stages. With its ability to mount on a pole stand and vertical design this amp has a great projection whilst holding a small stage footprint. Its 2 x 8" custom-designed speakers produce a sizable 60 watts of power and plenty of headroom for larger stages delivering articulate transparent acoustic tones with punch and glorious clarity at high end. A range of acoustic-friendly intuitive controls provide all the tone shaping required to produce your ideal sound which can be moulded to suit a wide range of styles and genres. The addition of chorus and reverb effects offer additional sonic enhancement broadening your tonal scope further while the AUX input allows you to play along with all your favourite songs or backing tracks.