Korg SV2S Stage Piano Package 73 Key

Korg SV2S Stage Piano Package 73 Key
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Korg
1966 GBP
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All your favourite pianos. In one convenient body. The Korg SV2S stage piano offers a unique and timeless performance experience. Boasting a level of customisation that hasnt been seen before the SV2S piano is guaranteed to impress. What really makes the SV2S stand out are the built-in speakers. Meticulously designed by Italian speaker designers K-ARRAY these speakers will accurately and faithfully reproduce your music enabling you to perform wherever you are. By building on the success of the SV1 the SV2S features more of everything. More sounds more memory more polyphony more presets and more control. Everything about your favourite vintage piano just got better!