Korg Soundlink MW1608 Hybrid Mixer

Korg Soundlink MW1608 Hybrid Mixer
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Korg
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A mixer by musicians for musicians. The Korg Soundlink MW1608 Hybrid Mixer provides all the features needed in a live mixer and makes them accessible for engineers of all abilities. To do this Korg teamed up with legendary mixer designers Greg Mackie and Peter Watts to create the hybrid mini console. The Soundlink offers hands-on analog controls that are easy to access and moderate. These are great for instant impact live mixing decisions preventing the need to digitally scroll through menus. The digital element of the console is saved for high-quality Korg effects that elevate your live sound. The MW1608 is a 16-channel mixer with analog HiVolt preamps delivering a warm sound suitable for all applications. Various routing options streamline your workflow including mute groups the unique musicians phone feature and assignable EQ and dynamic buttons. Also included is access to the powerful RX elements by iZoptope. This advanced software suite is equipped with several tools that will allow you to clean repair or even rebalance the mix of any recording. Find out below how to access this software.