Hisense Ax5100G Soundbar

Hisense Ax5100G Soundbar
Brand: Hisense
Color: Black
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Upgrade your audio experience with the Hisense AX5100G 5.1-Channel Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer. Surrounded By Sound The AX5100G’s 340 watts of sound fills the room with a 7-speaker array that also projects overhead, making the most of its Dolby Atmos compatibility and dedicated rear speakers for true surround sound enjoyment. Makes all your entertainment more immersive and the dialogue clearer. Enhancement Modes There are several audio enhancement modes - including Movie, News, and Night - which optimise the sound specifically to the content or time of day. Dolby Atmos Whether you’re gaming, watching your favourite movie or show, or listening to that new track on repeat, Dolby Atmos enhances the entertainment you love across all of your devices Wireless Subwoofer A wireless subwoofer delivers the robust low-end frequencies that punctuate your favourite movies, music, and games, without any messy wires. You’ll feel the ‘boom’ while the two front-facing speakers project bright, clear high- and mid-range frequencies. Music Streaming Wireless Bluetooth technology easily connects to smart devices so the listener can enjoy their favourite playlists from their phone or other wireless devices. Easy Connectivity With HDMI (eARC), the Hisense AX5100G Soundbar can connect to your TV through a single HDMI cable (included), connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, and control both with one remote. You’ll be enjoying better TV sound in minutes. Quick Touch EQ Modes Get the best audio performance from music, movies, and news with a simple touch of the remote with multiple pre-set EQ settings. Audio: Y Depth: 90 MM Height: 60 MM Width: 920 MM Bluetooth: Y Dongle Required: N Media Type: USB, HDMI, DIVX On Mode Power Consumption: 30 Parental Control: N Power Output: 300W - 599W TV Tuner: N Wifi Enabled: N Dobly Atmos and DTS:X 340W Power and 5.1 Sound channels 6 EQ Mode: Movie/Music/Sports/News/Night/AI Roku TV Ready/EzPlay/Rear Surround Speakers