Hercules Dj Control Inpulse 500

Hercules Dj Control Inpulse 500
Categories: Soundcards, Surround
Brand: Hercules
Color: Black
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Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 500 - the perfect way to learn how to DJ. UNLEASH YOUR INNER DJ Specially designed to help you get started DJing, you can refine your skills and perform live with DJControl Inpulse 500. PRO SOUND DJControl Inpulse 500 has all the features, modes and connectors you need to mix in front of an audience, including precise, high definition resolution on the jog wheels, with an easy-to-use ring. The controller’s audio interface also features cutting-edge Velvet Sound digital signal processing technology. LIGHT GUIDES FOR MIXING Mixing is easy thanks to the controller’s helpful light guides, which keep you on track when you’re mixing in public. With a metal backing plate on the mixer, rubber RGB pads, and non-slip retractable feet, the DJControl Inpulse 500 is also built to last. Bluetooth: N Depth: 296 MM Height: 70 MM Width: 542 MM Components: N Digital Recorder: N Dongle Required: N Radio System: N Surround Sound: N Wifi Enabled: N 2-deck USB DJ controller with built-in audio interface and hardware input mixer for audio inputs. 16 backlit RGB pads, vinyl function, Loop In/Loop Out buttons. Smooth, original transitions between tracks thanks to the Filter/FX area. Large jog wheels with touch detection for scratching. Designed with retractable/extendable feet, to lift up the controller: keep it safe from spilled drinks! Built-in hardware input mixer: you can even add a filter effect onto an external audio source (smartphone, media player), and connect your microphone Manually sync up your tracks like a pro with the Beatmatch guides, available in both Serato DJ Lite and DJUCED. Follow the suggestions made by the Intelligent Music Assistant (IMA) for a great set in DJUCED, or let Serato do the mixing with the Autoplay feature Includes Serato DJ Lite and DJUCED. Compatible with Serato DJ Pro.