FMR Audio RNC1773 Really Nice Compressor

FMR Audio RNC1773 Really Nice Compressor
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Fmr Audio
199 GBP
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The FMR Audio RNC1773 Really Nice Compressor is a compact and affordable stereo dynamic range processor that delivers natural and premium sounding compression. Although only 1/3rd rack sized the RNC1773 is fully-featured to work in almost any setup with any audio source. Stereo and side-chain inputs ensure that you can use the RNC1773 on any track within your mix from the bass drum vocals to full mixes and instrument busses. Deceptively simple the FMR Audio RNC1773 features two modes of operation to give you a wide tonal shaping palette to work with. Normal mode acts much like a conventional compressor but switch over to the unique Super Nice mode and you will hear an internal processing that allows you to push the boundaries in a completely natural and transparent way. Make your snare drums pop add punch to your bass or consistency to your vocals all with the RNC1773. Designed with premium parts and components the FMR Audio RNC 1773 Really Nice Compressor yields clean excellent compression with no audible artefacts that can ruin your audio such as distortion and even maintains audio fidelity in the high-end even at high gain reduction amounts. Unlock the keys to professional mixes with the Really Nice Compressor.