DP-6 Digital Piano Bench Pack by Gear4music White

DP-6 Digital Piano Bench Pack by Gear4music White
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Gear4Music
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The DP-6 digital piano is the perfect piano for anyone who wishes to enhance their skills. With 88 full sized hammer action keys you get the experience of an acoustic pianos resistance with all the benefits a digital piano can offer. Going digital allows you to perform alongside a fellow musician or your teacher using Duet mode or push your sound into new territories thanks to Split or Dual mode. Fit your piano seamlessly into your room. This sleek attractive piano has a small footprint making it a gorgeous addition to your home without taking over your space. You wont disturb anyone when practising with a headphone output. When you?re ready project your performances with great sound quality thanks to the advanced sound engine and integrated speakers. Perform using the sound of an authentic grand piano or take advantage of the wide range of voices on offer. The choice is yours.