Casio PX S7000 Digital Piano Package White

Casio PX S7000 Digital Piano Package White
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Casio
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The Casio PX-S7000 is the premium model of the Casio Privia line of digital pianos. The S7000 represents a return to the drawing board with a brand new design language adopted to make the latest Privia pianos have a modern aesthetic that sets them apart from any other digital pianos. The S7000 has a sleek minimal design that will look at home in any contemporary living space. Casio has not only been working on the looks of this instrument too but theyve also been working on the sound and playing experience as well to deliver a hugely refined instrument. Casio has improved the feeling of the keys and the hammer action as well as the sound. New piano sounds have been added for more advanced sounds. With the help of the Casio Music Space app you can edit and customise the tones in the piano to the best one for your performance. The in-built effects for reverb and hall simulation will further enhance your playing experience and will make headphone practice an immersive experience. This piano is certainly one of the most modern-looking and functioning pianos around.