Casio CDP S360 Digital Piano X Frame Package Black

Casio CDP S360 Digital Piano X Frame Package Black
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Casio
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The Casio CDP S360 is a great performers instrument ideal for the travelling musician. Casios proprietary “high-density mounting technology” has allowed them to create a digital piano with a highly authentic graded hammer-action keyboard - all encased within an extremely lightweight and portable body. With a depth of only 232mm this piano will easily fit into any practice space. Add in the fact that it can run on battery power for approximately 4 hours and this is truly a piano you can play anywhere. The CDP S360 comes with 700 high-quality tones built-in including everything from grand pianos and electric pianos to organs and harpsichords to wind instruments and synthesizer sounds. Combined with the built-in effects such as reverb chorus and layering youll have an enormous variety of tones and timbres to explore and create with. If thats not enough for you this piano is MIDI enabled and has a USB connection allowing you to connect to a computer or smartphone and access musical software for learning composing and recording.