Boss Katana Artist MK-II Complete Bundle

Boss Katana Artist MK-II Complete Bundle
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Boss
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A shed-load of power. The Boss Katana Artist MK-II Complete Bundle brings together an extensive range of carefully developed features that will elevate your tube amp to its very best performance level ever. Itll let you really experience the power of your amp. Its advanced reactive load section allows you to crank up your amp to the max without altering its tone or having to play too loud.But thats far from all this awesome unit can do. Youll enjoy versatile tone in your amp like never before. A built-in effects engine and external effects loop provide you with a wealth of sonic possibilities including reverb compressor and delay effects. Four different EQs let you shape your perfect tone. Were still only scratching the surface of its capabilities. This is sonic freedom. And with included performance-enhancing products theres no need to keep running over to change your tone. Thanks to the Boss GA-FC Guitar Amp Foot Controller with six switches and two expression pedal inputs you have full control over the channel and effects. Switch between 4 channels or toggle effects on and off all while continuing to play. Get more control by plugging in the Boss EV-30 Expression Control Pedal. And the Boss BAC-KTNART Katana Artist Combo Cover shields against dust dirt and grime. So your amp stays pristine. All you need to manage your sound in one convenient package.