Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor with Bag

Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor with Bag
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Boss
229 GBP
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A laboratory of sound at your fingertips. The Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor has a plethora of sounds for you to play around with. From a classic 1950s reverb tone to the thrashy soundscapes of metal - leave no genre untouched. The streamlined interface allows you to make any changes at any point during a gig - quick and easy. Its the versatility of the GT-1 that makes it so special. With over 80 sounds to choose from - youre spoilt for choice.A piece of equipment this good needs to be stored in a safe place. The Roland CB-GT1 Carry Bag For the BOSS GT-1 allows you to take this on the road. The thick foam padding provides your GT-1 with ultimate protection - a bag you can trust. The nylon strap ensures you wont experience any aches and pains when travelling from venue to venue.