Boss FS-6 Dual Footswitch

Boss FS-6 Dual Footswitch
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Boss
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Switching made simple. The Boss FS-6 Dual Footswitch is a compact yet robust foot switch unit which has a streamlined design. The FS-6 Dual Footswitch features two large switches labelled A and B for quick and easy switching. The FS-6 can be used with a wide variety of equipment and instruments. From drum machines and guitar amps to visual devices and more. Anything that possesses a 1/4-inch jack or 1/4-inch TRS jack will connect to the FS-6. You can also connect stereo sources via the stereo input jack. You can also set each of the switches to latch or momentary modes depending on your needs. The robust and compact design makes the unit highly portable ideal for transporting and live performances.