Behringer VOICE STUDIO Complete Recording Bundle

Behringer VOICE STUDIO Complete Recording Bundle
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Behringer
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The Behringer VOICE STUDIO is everything you need to start recording at home. It includes the MIC500USB vacuum tube preamp with USB audio interface and the C-1 condenser microphone. Just plug and play straight out of the box using it with your favourite DAW. The TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC500USB gives any input signal a warm and deep character. Its 12AX7 vacuum tube is perfect for giving your microphones guitars (whatever you want to plug into it) a vintage sound. Plug it straight into your PC or Mac using its USB interface and get recording! Add the Studio-Grade C-1 Microphone and you have the complete package. This captures sound with clarity realism and sensitivity. And it uses a cardioid pickup pattern - so youll get great sound source separation and feedback rejection. Great for singers instrumentalists and more.