Avid PhotoScore/NotateMe Ultimate AudioScore Ultimate - Boxed Copy

Avid PhotoScore/NotateMe Ultimate AudioScore Ultimate - Boxed Copy
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Avid
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Your new favourite musical tool. The Avid PhotoScore and NotateMe Ultimate 8 software suite allows access to a wealth of musical history. If you have musical notation that you want to use in the digital realm then Avid have you covered. Simply scan your handwritten or printed notation into your computer and then allow PhotoScore to digitally record this information and open it up for editing. Transpose rearrange and edit to your hearts content. A full-featured audio recognition suite. AudioScore Ultimate 8 allows you to transcribe music to notation quickly and easily. Turn CD tracks MP3s and even MIDI data into musical notation and then use Audioscore to edit playback or view any part of the score. It captures the nuance of the performance like tiny changes in timing or pitch. It even labels staves automatically. Its new engine is extremely precise making it the serious composers secret weapon.