Avantone CLA400 Studio Power Amp

Avantone CLA400 Studio Power Amp
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
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The Avantone CLA400 Studio Power Amp is perfect for feeding medium to large-sized studio speakers helping to provide reference-grade sound at even the highest of volumes. The CLA400 is able to generate over 400 watts per channel (into an 8-ohm load) powered by the classic Class A/B amplifier design. Utilising the best Japanese components and a powerful toroidal linear power supply the CLA400 delivers unprecedented power with optimised signal integrity for your gear. Elegant and streamlined the CLA400 features a simple interface complete with vintage-style VU meters providing instant visual feedback for your levels. It also features individual gain controls for both channels A and B. The CLA400 also incorporates a classic bipolar transistors design which delivers a robust low-end response. Although the CLA400 was designed primarily to be used with the CLA-10 studio monitors it can be used on a variety of studio speaker types that require a demanding load. Boasting ultra-low distortion with a balanced and transparent sound the CLA400 is perfect for studio users who need a pristine dynamic range.