Arturia MINIFREAK Polyphonic Hybrid Synthesizer

Arturia MINIFREAK Polyphonic Hybrid Synthesizer
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Arturia
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The Arturia MINIFREAK Polyphonic Hybrid Synthesizer bridges the gap between analog and digital equipped with two powerful digital sound engines complete with analog filtering. From designing sounds to unique sequencing the MINIFREAK gives you all the tools you need to create sounds and perform. Equipped with 6-voice polyphony and over 20 modes to choose from the MINIFREAK allows you to explore the depths of polyphonic synthesis spanning everything from virtual analog mode to FM and additive. Add texture and colour to your synthesis using the powerful onboard digital FX engine providing multiple ways to change the overall timbre of your sound. At the heart of the MINIFREAK is a 37-note velocity-sensitive keybed with aftertouch for added expression. The intricate modulation matrix builds on the design of previous FREAK units featuring polyphonic ADSR envelopes as well as customisable multi-segment LFO shapes. You can also utilise FM and ring modulation alongside the cutting-edge modulation option to create truly breath-taking sounds. From the studio to the stage the MINIFREAK shines. The intuitive 64-step sequencer is perfect for creating captivating live performances to crafting arrangements loops and patterns with four pages of 16 steps to utilise. It also features a performance arpeggiator with octave randomisation ratchet settings and much more. Real-time visual feedback is provided by the crisp OLED display allowing you to navigate between settings and parameters with ease.