Allen & Heath Xone K2 DJ MIDI Controller

Allen & Heath Xone K2 DJ MIDI Controller
Categories: DJ, Speakers, Stereo, DJ-mixer
Brand: Allen & Heath
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Take control with MIDI. The Allen & Heath Xone K2 DJ Midi Controller is a compact universal MIDI controller that incorporates a four-channel soundcard permitting it to be used with any DJ software. The Xone K2 provide maximum versatility with the ability to latch layers and provide the user with a staggering 171 MIDI commands across three layers as well as the possibility to link multiple units using X:LINK. The quick and simple mapping enables you to create a different layout for yourself that puts the functions you need at your fingertips. The Xone K2 can be integrated into many setups allowing a variety of different setup applications. The Xone K2s slimline design soft-touch control and minimal yet sleek looks set the K2 apart from the pack. Whilst still keeping to Allen & Heaths renowned touring build quality the Xone K2 provides you with a simple yet powerful tool for your DJ setup.