Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition Complete Bundle

Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition Complete Bundle
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Alesis
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Full-size drums with next-level impact. The latest generation of realism. Exclusive to the Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition. Every element of its design feels like youre sitting behind a real kit from the unmatched response of the mesh heads to the colossal impact of the 20-inch kick drum. Youll feel right at home with hybrid wood shells and authentic drum sizes. It feels like an acoustic but remember - it does so much more. The Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition includes the Strike Performance Module; the most advanced module offered by Alesis. Youll have access to an expansive sound library of over 136 drumkits 1800 instruments and 45000 samples. Hook it up to your computer and use the powerful Strike Software Editor to build a kit from your own samples. With multiple velocity layers and round-robin you can create a drumkit thats perfect for you.