Alesis Recital Pro Piano Bundle

Alesis Recital Pro Piano Bundle
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Alesis
349.99 GBP
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The Alesis Recital Pro 88 Note Digital Piano is an educational piano that is ideal for the beginner. Featuring 88 full-sized hammer-action keys with adjustable touch response the Alesis Recital Pro allows you to adjust the settings for a more comfortable playing session. The Recital Pro features a “lesson mode” allowing you to play alongside a tutor. It also includes three months of in-depth piano courses with Skoove premium. With 12 premium built-in realistic voices the Alesis Recital piano provides optimum versatility. The Alesis Recital Pro features a record mode that allows you to play and listen back to your performances which is ideal for critical listening. Featuring outputs for connecting to mixers speakers and headphones the Alesis keyboard allows for private practice and live performances. The Alesis Recital Pro piano is ideal for anyone looking to progress or learn to play the piano.