Alesis Elevate 4 Studio Monitors Pair

Alesis Elevate 4 Studio Monitors Pair
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: Alesis
125 GBP
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The Alesis Elevate 4 Studio Monitors are high-quality 2-way studio monitors packaged and sold as a pair. Each Elevate 4 monitor features a 4-inch low-frequency driver combined with a 1-inch silk dome tweeter while one monitor also houses the custom-designed 2-channel amplifier that powers both units. Elevate 4s employ a custom elliptical waveguide that delivers exceptional audio fidelity - perfect for music production and multimedia work. The amplifier itself utilises a powerful Class AB design capable of delivering 50-watts RMS total system output 25-watts per channel. The highly-accurate sound reproduction the Alesis Elevate 4 produces and the incredibly placed price point make these studio monitors ideal for a range of applications from home recording and production to multimedia and gaming.