Addictive Keys: Trio Bundle

Addictive Keys: Trio Bundle
Categories: Speakers, Stereo
Brand: XLN Audio
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The Addictive Keys: Trio Bundle lets you select any two Addictive Keys libraries to unlock and explore a new world of piano and keyboard production. Discover an unprecedented level of accuracy and realism that can transform your mixes from lifeless and robotic to professional polished and radio-ready. Chose from four highly detailed and characterful libraries each offering a unique sound and character that will complement your music and projects. The choice includes Studio Grand which samples a Steinway Model D concert grand piano Modern Upright which samples a Yamaha U3 Upright Mark One which samples a Rhodes MK. 1 and Electric Grand which samples a CP-80 Electro-acoustic keyboard. The Addictive Keys Trio Bundle requires no additional software to function as it includes the full Addictive Keys engine. Addictive Keys is the best place for songwriters musicians and producers to create inspiring and realistic keys that will help take your music to the next level. Unique sonic capabilities intuitive and smart workflow fast loading times and outstanding sound quality help you to hone your skills and produce great music quickly. Coming complete with a barrage of inspiring presets you can quickly jump into your project with outstanding sound quality or use the powerful built-in engine to mix and edit each parameter to create your sonic signature. Please Note: This product comes in the form of a digital download code that will be sent to your email for activation.