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Happy accident 1 – Disneyland shot glass

I recently drank some Double Espresso Flavored Vodka out of an old Disneyland shot glass that I received as a gift a year ago. As I’m washing my dishes in the sink, I noticed some sugar stuck at the tight bottom of the glass, so I tried to remove it by rubbing my wet index finger and it just made this crazy sound! First, I thought it was a frog (after all, I’m French) and by opening and closing my left hand on top of the glass, I could basically make it speak like you do with your mouth. It was like controlling the sound of somebody scratching his own throat with a fork :-).

Here’s an edit of my best takes:

Abstract experiments 1 – Small creatures.

Don’t you subconsciously picture something in your mind when you hear sounds in the dark? Don’t you think of a sound when you look at a picture in a silent room?

“We begin to hear before we are born, four and a half months after conception. From then on, we develop in a continuous and luxurious bath of sounds: the song of our mother’s voice, the swash of her breathing, the trumpeting of her intestines, the timpani of her heart”. (Michel Chion, Audio-Vision)

  • I’ve recently experimented designing creature vocalizations with no visual material. And as you can imagine, it was pretty hard to keep a single direction! But it gave me total freedom, trying things randomly and reacting with sounds like performers do. Iā€™m still working on defining the limits though šŸ˜‰

.“Experiment as early and as often and as inexpensively as possible. Make lots of mistakes when mistakes are cheap”. Randy Thom